ephraim, door county, wisconsin, church, sunset, light trails

I shoot a lot around the Ephraim area of Door County.  It’s probably my favorite part of the Peninsula for photographs and just in general.  Sunset on this particular evening in August 2020 was incredibly dramatic and I wanted to capture it.  However, since it’s 2020 I try to avoid crowds.  I tried Anderson Dock but, of course, that was extremely crowded.  So I drove around a bit to think of somewhere else.

I remembered a place where I wanted to try to shoot for a while.  I think I’ve been up there before but never made a photo that was memorable enough to post, or even keep on my hard drive.  It’s a great view of Ephraim and Eagle Harbor, but a challenging spot to photograph.  I tried a few different compositions that focused more on the church but they all turned out quite boring.

Then I decided to use more foreground and found this composition.  I am very happy with it.  Especially since it’s a more unusual composition  of Ephraim that isn’t quite as popular.  I’m sure it will become more popular now that I have posted this though!  😉

I timed my exposure to coincide with cards traveling on the road and got these great light trails to add extra interest to the photo.

I shot this photo with my Sony A7rIII, Sony 24-70 f/2.8 GM lens at 24mm, 30 seconds, f/22, ISO 50.