Landscape photography, by definition, mean you are outside a lot.  What lives outside?  Mosquitoes!  Those tiny, annoying, and all around awful creatures that love nothing more than to eat you alive.  When you’re out in the forest you can provoke them up from out of the ground and they will swarm around you for their attack.  Bug spray is the only answer to these pests.

I hate bug spray.  I try to avoid it whenever possible.  I don’t like all the chemicals involved and it smells terrible.  I would often rather deal with bugs than have body and clothes smell like the spray.  I’ve tried natural stuff but it doesn’t last very long at all so that’s a no go when I want to focus on photography.  

That’s why I settled on my favorite bug spray on the market.  Off! Family Care unscented is the best spray out there in my opinion.  It doesn’t smell dreadful and it does a great job keeping insects of you when you are out in the field.  It still has some of those chemicals like DEET but in smaller amounts so it’s much safer than the stronger stuff.  

If you hate bug spray like me but still want that protection, check this stuff out!  I always keep a bottle in my car just in case.  If I’m going in to a mosquito heavy environment, I’ll spray a bit on and head out.  The bottle says it lasts two hours so that’s plenty long for many sunset or sunrise photo shoots.  And no this post was not sponsored in any way.  I am just trying to help out other landscape photographers keep free of mosquito bites.