red barn in the winter in door county wisconsin

During January 2021, Door County (and all of Wisconsin) had about 4 days of beautiful winter fog.  Every morning the fog left the trees covered in what I originally thought was hoar frost but turned out to be rime ice (I guess there’s a difference in how the frost is formed that distinguishes them from each other).  Being the Door County photographer that I am, I spend a bit of time exploring the peninsula looking for frost/ice covered scenes for some winter photos.

One scene stood out clearly to me.  The famous red barn just south of Egg Harbor is an iconic Door County landmark any time of the year, but in the winter the red stood out against the frost creating a very striking scene.  I’m not one who normally all that interested in photographing barns but I had to immediately pull over to capture the scene above.

I still have quite a few photos to sort through from this Door County winter frost, but I wanted to put up a few of my early favorites on the blog.  Below you’ll see a few tree scenes taken from the roadside.

rime ice on a tree in door county
rime ice on trees in door county wisconsin