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See below for answers to some of the most common questions that I receive.

How many photos will I recieve?2023-06-25T06:48:17-05:00

There is no specific number of photos that will be delivered because it will vary on the property, square footage, layout of the floorplan, etc.  I take at least one photo of each room with two or more of larger rooms (living rooms, kitchens, etc.).  For most homes, the average photos delivered ends up being around 30 photos.

How long does a shoot take?2023-06-25T06:48:29-05:00

The typical home shoot is completed in about 30-60 minutes.  Larger homes may requite a bit more time.

Do I need to be present for the shoot?2023-06-25T06:48:38-05:00

Not necessarily.  It is quite common to simply provide a key code for a smart lock or lockbox.

Can I get drone photos?2023-06-25T06:48:48-05:00

Yes!  Drone photos are included.  I will take images of the home, overall property, and the property in relation to its surrounding areas.

You don’t have lights? Will my photos be bright?2023-06-25T06:48:58-05:00

Yes.  I shoot with a technique that does not require additional flash or lighting.  All your photos will be properly exposed.

Do you offer bulk pricing for multiple properties?2023-06-25T06:49:04-05:00

Yes.  If you are a realtor looking for photos from your MLS or a vacation rental manager with multiple properties, contact me (and provide details) for pricing.

What if landscaping isn’t ready? Can you come back?2023-06-25T06:52:29-05:00

I would be happy to.  However, there will be an additional fee of $70 for the extra time and travel.

What areas do you service?2023-06-25T06:54:11-05:00

My main service area is the Door County mainland.  I will also go to Green Bay, Kewaunee County, and Washington Island but there may be a travel fee.

How will I receive my photos?2023-06-25T06:55:55-05:00

Your photos will be delivered through a private online gallery.  You will be able to download your photos in high resolution or web resolution.

I have a sensitive or high profile property, will you sign a Confidentiality Agreement if required?2023-06-25T06:57:19-05:00

Yes.  That will not be a problem.

What if it is raining on the date of the shoot?2023-06-25T07:01:45-05:00

Rain can make the final photos look less appealing to potential buyers and renters, so you have the option to reschedule at no cost if needed. 

If you choose to go ahead with the shoot when it is raining, outdoor photos and drone photos may be impossible to capture.  If that is the case, we can reschedule the entire shoot at no cost.  Or I can return to capture the exterior photos (there will be a return visit fee for the extra time and travel).