A year in the life of the Door County Winding Road.  For quite a while, I have been wanting to have the same image of this stretch of Highway 42 in all four seasons.  When I set up my booth at art fairs and festivals around the Peninsula, at least once per day I am asked if I have all the season.  

Now I do! 

Over the past year and a half or so, I have been collecting these images.  All the photos were taken from the same spot on the road, using the same camera (Nikon D850), the same lens (Tamron 100-400), and at the same focal length.  I wanted to get the composition to be as identical as possible.

I made sure to set up my tripod on the exact same spot on the road so I would have the same view for each photo.  I know the spot because of marks on the road that haven’t changed in years.  So it was an easy spot to find even 16 months apart!

I used my favorite telephoto lens, my Tamron 100-400, to take all these photos.  This road is best photographed using telephoto lenses because of the nice compression of the curves you will get in your photos.  All the photos were taken at 270mm so they will have the same compression and overall composition.

There are many ways to compose photos of this road, but for these photos I chose to go with the classic composition of the curves going right down the center of the frame towards infinity.

If you are interested in prints of one image or a matching set of all season, send me an e-mail!

Without further ado, here is a year in the life of the Winding Road!

door county winding road in all four seasons,

Door County, Wisconsin winding road in all seasons.


winding road in spring



winding road in summer



winding road in fall



winding road in winter