I was out in western Wisconsin last weekend.  I visit the area often with my wife since her family lives in the Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire area.  However, I haven’t really ever gone out to explore the area from a photography point of view.  On December 8, 2018 that changed when I woke up to the entire Dunn County region covered in hoarfrost.  

Hoarfrost is a type of frost that forms on cold, clear, and still nights.  Water vapor collects and freezes on leaves, branches, and pretty much anything exposed.  The result is a beautiful landscape perfect for winter photography.


Hoarfrost in Dunn County

I was excited to explore some of Dunn County.  Seeing the frost cover the farmland made for some stunning views.  I found a little creek area next to the road that gave me my first composition of the morning.  I love how the frost is blanketing absolutely everything in the scene from the grass, to the tops of the trees.

dunn county, hoarfrost, menomonie, winter, frost, trees, wisconsin


I then took a little hike at Hoffman Hills State Recreation Area.  This seemed like a really cool park with some scenic views of ponds, fields, and woodland settings.  And there is a fire-tower similar to those I was used to at Peninsula and Potawatomi State Parks.  It’s a bit of a hike that I couldn’t make this particular morning but will definitely put it on my list of places to explore on further on future visits to the area.

After my walk at Hoffman Hills I decided to just explore the surrounding parts of Dunn County.  Not far from the park I found a classic “tree on a hill” setting.  This view had three trees, all covered in hoarfrost, made for a nice minimalist composition.

dunn county, hoarfrost, menomonie, winter, frost, trees, wisconsin


After checking out the area, I needed some coffee so I headed towards Menomonie, WI to look for a McDonald’s.  Afterwards I headed south along the Red Cedar River.  The hoarfrost along the river wasn’t any less stunning than out in the hilly farmlands of Dunn County

dunn county, hoarfrost, menomonie, winter, frost, trees, wisconsin


Winter is such a beautiful time for photography!