The autumn of 2023 was unexpectedly good for fall colors in Door County, Wisconsin.  With the lack of rain to start off the summer, I thought that it would be a much different year.  But when October rolled around, the leaves popped!

I didn’t shoot a lot this year, but I had some photos in mind as October approached.  I wanted to photograph some of my favorite Door County locations using the drone.

Here are some of my favorites from 2023 fall colors in Door County.

Winding Road in the Fall

I made my annual fall trip to Door County’s famous winding road.  I got the classic shot from the ground, looking down towards the curves.  You’ll see that below.   What I was really there for, however, was some aerial photos.  Now, I have attempted aerial photos of the road several times but none of the results were appealing to me.  This year, I had a new drone with a new camera setup that I had a feeling would yield more interesting photos.

I was right!  The new camera setup allowed me to capture the road in a much better way.  The new telephoto lenses allowed me to compress the image which made the photos look more compelling than the standard wide-angle lenses my older drones used.

Here are some of my favorites.

Eagle Bluff

This is a photo that has always was in the back of my mind.  However, due to Wisconsin law, operating a drone from state park property is illegal.  So I never had the chance until now.  Newer drones have improved their batteries and that results in about 50% more flight time on a single charge.  So I could safely and legally fly the drone to Eagle Bluff while complying with local and federal laws.

I am pretty happy with the results!

Kangaroo Lake

This image doesn’t really have a story to go along with it.  Not every photo will. I was heading town the Kangaroo Lake causeway one morning and saw some breaking fog over the water.  So I set up my tripod for a quick shot of the lake, fog, and fall colors.

The Range Lights

Last year, after a beautiful early-season snowfall, I grabbed a couple of shots with the drone of the Range Lights at the Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor.  This year, I wanted to recapture that magic, but with fall colors.