I have a lot of items that I am looking to sell to make some room in my camera bags.  

Here is the list of that I have.  If you would like anything please let me know.  I’ll accept cash, PayPal, or I can send a Square invoice. 

Shipping any of the items is $9.99 but you can also pick them up in Sturgeon Bay if you want to avoid that.  

Images of each item are below.

Item Description Price
Yongnuo Flash Trigger Set.
YN622N II transeivers (2) and YN622N-TX Flash Controller
I have a set of two Yongnuo 622N II transeivers and a YN 622N-TX Flash controller.  All are in working order.  I no longer need these as I have upgraded to another brand.


Flashpoint R2 flash speedlights I have two Yongnuo R2 manual flashes.  They work great.  I have been really happy with my flashpoint gear.  I recently purchased two upgraded flash models so I no longer will have any need for these.  But they work great and are simple to use. Works with any camera brand.


Yongnuo 560 IV flash speedlights (SOLD) I have two Yongnuo 560 IV flash speedlights.  They are manual flashes and work great.  I no longer need them since moving to another brand.  Works with any camera brand.


Yongnuo YN685 Flash speedlights for Nikon I have two Yongnuo YN685 TTL flash speedlights for Nikon.  They work just fine but I no longer need them since moving to another brand.  Comes with boxes, case, and that little flash mount thing that comes with all speedlights.


Nikon SB-700 Speedlight (SOLD) I have a Nikon SB-700 flash speedlights for sale.  I no longer use this one since moving to a third party flash brand.  This one works great.


Fujifilm X-T2 camera Fujifilm X-T2 camera for sale.  I no longer use this one since upgrading to the X-T3.  I purchased this camera from B&H in June 2018.  It’s a fantastic camera.  It includes the original packaging.  I also have a Wasabi brand battery.  Original battery charger included.


Fujifilm 14mm f/2.8 lens Fujinon 14mm f/2.8 lens for sale.  This is one great lens.  Awesome for landscapes and astrophotography.  I no longer use this one since I purchased the 10-24.  If you are looking for a sharp and fast prime lens for Fujifilm this is the lens you want.


Fuji 55-200mm lens (SOLD) Fujifilm 55-200 lens for sale.  This is a nice and lightweight telephoto zoom lens.  Perfect for travelling.    I have two of these so I need to sell one of them.


Nikon 60mm Micro lens Nikon Nikkor 60mm lens for sale.  This macro/micro lens is pretty good.  I purchased it used and only used it once.  I mainly wanted to try it out and decided I like the look of the the 105mm micro lens better.  So I am offering this one up for sale to someone who prefers a less telephoto macro lens for Nikon.


Canon Selphy CP 1300 Printer (SOLD) This is a cool little printer.  I purchased it earlier this summer and I had grand ambitions when I purchased it and thought I would use it much more.  I only used it a couple of times.  It’s in pretty much new condition.  It will come with all the original packaging, cables, some paper, and an extra ink pack.


Canon PIXMA Pro-100 Canon PIXMA Pro-100 professional photo printer.  This is an excellent printer.  I recently moved up tot the Pro-10 so this one will just take up valuable space in my working area.  Local pickup only as this printer is much to large and heavy to ship. $40