I love podcast!  Who doesn’t right?  So of course I listen to a lot of photography podcasts.  I find it very interesting to hear what is going on in the photography world and actually learn quite a few tips and tricks along the way.  Since there is a lot of podcasts out there I thought I would suggest a few of my favorite photography podcasts that I listen to regularly.  

I’ll separate my list in to four sections.  The first will be landscape photography specific, the second will be portrait photography focused, the third will be podcasts regarding the business of photography, and the fourth and final section will be general photography podcasts.

This list is in no specific order.


Landscape Photography Podcasts


F-Stop Collaborate and Listen (link)

This is probably my favorite landscape photography podcast.  Host Matt Payne will bring on a new guest for every episode and they just kind of relax and chat about landscape photography.  Topics usually focus on whatever type of photos the guests specialize in.  I really like hearing the interviews with some of the best photographers in the world and hear what they are doing in photography.


The Landscape Photography Podcast (link)

This podcast is hosted by Nick Page.  Nick talks a lot about current issues in landscape photography and often has guests join him.  Nick is pretty in tune with what is going on in the landscape photography world, and is a really, really good photographer.  So his opinions are defintiely worth listening to.  There’s not much else I can say except that if you are a landscape photographer this is a podcast you definitely want to subscribe to.


Latitude Photography Podcast (link)

Host Brent Bergherm talks about topics related to landscape and travel photography.  This is an excellent podcast if you travel a lot.  You can pick up some tips and tricks on how to travel with your gear, places to go, and what to do when you get there.  


Portrait Photography Podcasts


Portrait Session (link)

I love this podcast and have learned a lot of things that I can use for my weddings and portrait business.  Hosts Connor Hibbs and Erica Kay talk about all things related to portrait photography.  Their last season of episodes was extremely good as they talked through each step in setting up a portrait/weddings photography business.  Their current season, in November 2018, is all about different specialties of portrait photography.  For each episode, a guest joins the hosts to talk about their specialties which range from weddings, newborns, headshots, and more.  


PhotoBizX (link)

This is a really interesting podcast.  Host Andrew Hellmich welcomes a guest on each episode to talk all things wedding and portrait business.  Topics range from advertising, web design, seo, marketing ideas.  If you have a photography business you will definitely learn a lot from this podcast.


The Business of Photography (link)

Powered by Sprout Studio, this podcast is another really, really good resource for learning how to grow your portrait and wedding photography business.  Host Bryan Capporicci sometimes has guests and sometimes it’s just Bryan.  Either way, you’re going to get a lot of value from this podcast.


Six Figure Photography Podcast (link)

Another very good podcast with tips and ideas on how to market yourself and grow your photography business.  Host Ben Hartley talks with guests from all backgrounds (not just photography backgrounds) to talk about all things photography business.  


Business of Photography Podcasts


Beyond the Image (link)

This is a podcast I just found out about so I haven’t listened to many episodes.  However, judging from what I’ve heard already I think this will definitely be in my regular podcast rotation.  Host James Patrick talks about many topics related to growing your creative business.  This podcast is aimed at all types of creative businesses and not just photography.  Which can definitely be a good thing!


Social Media Marketing Podcast (link)

Another podcast I just found out about.  This podcast, hosted by Michael Stelzner, is all about using social media to market your business.  I’ve listen to two episodes so far.  One was about creating ads to move people to action that covered how to write better ads.  The other episode was about incorporating chat bots to help connect with customers.  Even though this isn’t really a photography podcast, most photographers are very active on social media to market themselves.  I am definitely one of them so I find these topics fascinating.  


Duct Tape Marketing (link)

I must admit that I haven’t had a chance to listen to this podcast yet.  It looks to be a podcast related to all things marketing so I expect it to be very useful. 


General Photography Podcasts


Master Photography Podcast (link)

I’ve been listening to this podcast for years.  I think it’s probably the first photography podcast I subscribed to.  Formerly known as Improve Photography, the Master Photography Podcast talks about all things related to photography.  Topics (and hosts) vary widely so this is a great one to listen to 


Petapixel Photography Podcast (link)

Brought to you by the photography news site Petapixel , this podcast is like a weekly photography newscast.  Host Sharky James gives a weekly run down of all the current news topics related to photography.  This podcast provides a quick and easy way to stay up to date on what’s going on in the photography world.


No Name Photo Show (link)

This podcast is also hosted by Sharky James along with Brian Matiash.  Each episode is a conversation between the hosts (and sometimes a guest) where they dive pretty deep in to photography related topics.  Often they are topics mentioned in the Petapixel podcast but with more conversation about the topic.  This podcast has been around about a year or so and is definitely one of my favorites.


The Epic Podcast (link)

Hosted by wedding photographers Sam Hurd and Nathan Mitchell.  In each episode, Sam and Nathan talk about general topics.  Most of the time they are photography related, but sometimes they are not.  It’s really cool to listen to their conversations between two wedding photographers and hear their thoughts and opinions on photography and other topics.


Photo Taco (link)

This is a really good podcast to learn about all the geeky photography topics.  Host Jeff Harmon explains topics such as auto focus fine tune, depth of field, computer hardware, lightroom, XMP, and so much more.


Photofocus (link)

Photofocus is a photography podcast network of shows.  Just about every topic is covered by their shows so it’s definitely a podcast feed that is work checking out.


PPN: Photography Podcasts Network (link)

Similar to Photofocus (in fact they were both started by Scott Bourne), PPN has many shows hosted by Scott and Marco Larousse that cover different photography topics.  My two favorites are the Camera and Inspiration show, which has interesting episodes aimed at sparking your artistry, and We Shoot Mirroless, which covers all things related to mirrorless cameras.


That’s what I listen to


These are the photography podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.  I highly recommend all of them and suggest you check them out in your favorite pod-catcher (I use overcast).

If you have any recomendations for me, I would love to hear them.  Leave them in the comments below or please send me an e-mail.