Looking for gifts for photographers can be difficult around the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  You might want to get that photographer in your life something they can use for their hobby but have no idea where to start.  You might think a new camera bag, lens, even a new camera might be an obvious choice.  However, these are expensive and unless you know about lenses, bags, and cameras you might not have any idea what to look for.  What are good gifts for photographers?

On top of that, your special photographer might have already have a camera and all the lenses they need.  So to help out, I wanted to make a list if gifts for photographers that they can always use.  These are things that photographers will always need.  I use pretty much all of these items regularly and many of them have a limited number of times you can use them.  That means we always need these things so they would be great ideas for gifts for photographers.

Note: I am not sponsored by any of the manufacturers of these items.  Nor do I get any kind of kick-back if you click on the links below.


Gifts for Photographers

Memory Cards

Memory cards are on of the most important things in a photographer’s gear bag.  We photographers can never have enough of these considering they can break down over time. There are a lot of choices when shopping for memory cards.  You’ll find that they vary widely in price.   It’s important to have a fast, high quality, and reliable collection of memory cards.  

I suggest SanDisk memory cards.  Here are a couple links to a few of my recommended cards.  I personally use these two and they will work great for just about any photographer.


Hard Drives

Hard drives are are where we store all those pictures we take.  Having enough storage means we can keep all our photos without having to delete any of them.  Over time, we fill fill up our available space on our computers.  That’s why we rely heavily on external hard drives that plug in to our computers via a USB cable.  Here are two I use and highly recommend.

The first external hard drive above is one I used as my main drive up until my file collection outgrew the 2 terabytes.  It took a while for me to need more space and I shoot a lot of photos.  I now use this as a hard drive when I travel.  It’s perfect for that because it’s small and doesn’t take up much space.

The second hard drive listed is what I currently use to hold my files.  I have a couple of these connected to my computer and they are working out very well for me.


Lens Cloths

Lens cloths are something I personally buy in bulk.  Lenses and cameras get dusty and dirty so they need to be cleaned often.  You can’t just use a t-shirt, kitchen towel, or household rag for this.   It’s extremely important to use a microfiber cloth designed for lenses.  I use the clothes listed below.


Lens Cleaner Solution

When cleaning our lenses or cameras, sometimes we’ll have smudges, fingerprints, or dirt that needs a little bit more cleaning power than a dry cloth.   For this reason I always have a bottle of this lens cleaning solution around.


Pre-moistened Lens Wipes

The lens cleaning spray is great for when at home, but when travelling I don’t want to carry around a bottle that takes up space and might break open in my bag.  For this reason I like these.

Note that the link for Zeiss Lens Cleaning Spray that I posted above will contain some of these wipes along with the spray.  So if you are thinking of this I would purchase the kit above.


A Workshop 

Of all the gifts for photographers listed here these next two options are most expensive but also the most worth while.  If your photographer is more of a beginner or novice, send them to a photography workshop or tour.  They will be able to learn more about photography and get tips from some professionals.  I highly recommend these couple of workshops:

  • Out of Chicago – This annual conference held in Chicago is a great weekend of photography learning.  They have the best photography teachers come and hold talks, classes, and all-day workshops.  I have attended two of these and it’s a great weekend of learning and hanging out with like-minded photographers.
  • Create Photography Retreat – I have never attended this one but it seems to be another weekend of full immersion photography.  
  • Luke Collins Photography Tours – Ok, this is a shameless plug.  If you have plans to visit Door County, WI with your photographer, I would love for you to consider a photography tour with me.  I’ll take you to some of my favorite photogenic spots around the peninsula.


A Vacation

Another option is to send you photographer on a vacation.  It’s a lot of fun to go to a new place and take some photos.