Iceland is an amazing place.  Epic landscapes are literally everywhere you look.  There are many, many especially beautiful locations that have become favorites of photographers.  Before I left for my trip to the island in March 2018 I made a Google MyMaps (as I always do before I leave for a trip) that included many of these locations.  I scoured blogs posts from travel and photography websites to find as many great Iceland Photography locations as I could.  

A windy day at Vestrahorn and Stokksnes near Hofn in Eastern Iceland.

My journey to the island was a short one of 10 days so I was not able to visit every one of these spots but I will definitely keep this map handy for my next trip there.  By clicking on any location on the map you can get it’s exact location along with an example image that shows what it looks like (note that these images are pulled from the google images search feature in MyMaps and are not my own photographs). 

I tried to add as many Iceland photography locations to this map as I could, but this is not an exhaustive list of all the locations.  This map should have plenty of locations to keep you busy photographing for at least a week long trip.  If you want to use this map and have found some locations that you wish for me to add to the map, definitely drop me an email and let me know about them.  I would love to eventually make this a comprehensive map that covers the entire island.

Also, don’t only visit these locations.  All of these places have been visited by thousands and thousands of photographers.  There is a good reason for this, they are all extremely stunning spots.  But if you only go to the well known locations you might find that your photos look more or less the same as everyone else’s.  So don’t be afraid to do some exploring while you are there and find locations with new photo opportunities (just make sure you are safe while you are exploring.  Please visit for information before you go.)

Iceland Photography Locations : The Map


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