mark w barker passes a lighthouse in sturgeon bay wisconsin

On January 21, 2023, the Mark W Barker arrived in Sturgeon Bay for a winter layup.  The Barker was built in Sturgeon Bay by Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding for Interlake Steamship Company.  She was delivered in 2022 and set out on her maiden shipping season that same year.

As the ship approached Sturgeon Bay, I set up on the lakeshore near the canal and launched the drone for some aerial photos.  I was lucky enough to capture the Barker as she left Sturgeon Bay in spring, and it was cool to see her arrive “home” after a long season.

I hope the season was a successful one for the Mark W Barker and I hope the crew enjoys their well-deserved break. 

Here are some images of the Barker coming into Sturgeon Bay through the shipping canal.  It’s always fun when the ships come in through the canal because you can see them so up close.  The size of these ships is truly incredible to see so close.

Since I have photographed so many ships through the years, I really wanted to try to capture something different this time.  I was sure to capture some “traditional” photos of the ship, but I also really tried to push my creativity this morning.