I thought it would be fun to start a new blog series.  Each month I am going to go through the photos from the previous month and choose a few of my favorites and share those photos in a single highlight post.

Here are my favorite photos from April 2020.  Since we were all practicing social distancing and Safer at Home, all my photos were taken near my home in Door County, Wisconsin.

Evening on the Waterfront

This is a photo of Sturgeon Bay’s Michigan Street “Steel Bridge” that I took on a beautiful and warm evening in April.  I loved how the clouds were lit up and given beautiful color by the evening’s setting sun.

Storm Overhead

This image is reminiscent of a very popular photo that I took of another shelf cloud in 2017.  This photo was taken from the same spot as the photo from 2017.  However this storm blew through later in the evening so I was able to see the bridge lit up during blue hour lighting.  My timing wasn’t quite as good this time because I was caught totally off guard, but I managed to get a pretty cool shot anyways.

Among the Rocks

cave point county park, door county, wisconsin, sturgeon bay, favorite photos april 2020

The morning that I took this photo was a real treat.  It was a Saturday morning but I had the entire park completely to myself.  Usually, I arrive at Cave Point for a sunrise much earlier than other photographers.  So I stop by this main lookout and take a couple photos.  However, my solitude abruptly ends when other walk up with their cameras in hand.  Since landscape photography isn’t a social outing for me, that is my queue to take a walk through the trails to find another place to continue photographing the morning.  

The morning of this photo, other than one person who stopped for about 10 minutes for some photos, I spent the entire morning completely alone. 

New Openings

This is kind of a 2-for-1.  Over the 2019-2020 winter, a section of the cliffs at Cave Point County Park collapsed in to Lake Michigan.  This left a brand new opening that gave a pretty good view of the rocks that serve as the main viewpoint.  I set up my camera towards this new view during two separate days.  The conditions were completely different with one of the mornings being calm and peaceful while the other was the complete opposite during a strong windstorm.  I made the same composition to show the differing conditions.

Sunrise Window

A simple, yet gorgeous sunrise over Lake Michigan as viewed from Cave Point County Park.  This was also taken during that same morning while I had the park to myself.  Usually, I only get a blue hour photo from this spot since I leave this spot when others arrive.  But this morning I got to shoot the actual sunrise from this location.

Bridge Reflection

I was driving home from shooting sunrise at a nearby park when I noticed that the waters of Sturgeon Bay were dead calm.  I knew that there would be an excellent chance for some reflections.  So I stopped down by the Maritime Museum to grab this shot of a nearly perfect reflection of the Michigan Street Steel Bridge with beautiful morning light.


favorite photos, april 2020, door county photographer

This photo is a reminder of the world we lived in during April 2020.  A tree sits alone as if it was participating in social distancing with the rest of us.  


I love this lighthouse, it’s a great subject to shoot from the ground and the same goes from the air.  After shooting the sunrise from the pier, I sent the drone up for an aerial shot.  I positioned my DJI Mavic 2 Pro over the jetty and pointed the camera out towards the east and towards a view of wide open water with the lighthouse in the forground.

High Water

The water levels in early 2020 are close to or at record levels.  It’s crazy how much water is in the lake right now!  That means that Lake Michigan is encroaching on our peninsula.  It’s washing away property and eroding our beaches.  It’s even swallowing up trees like these two.

Morning Glory

Another aerial shot of the North Pierhead Lighthouse in Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin.  I love this photo because the lighting and the clouds just cooperated and helped make this shot one of my favorite photos that I have captured with my drone.