Door County Northern Lights
Last night, the auroras made another memorable appearance over Door County!
When I checked the Aurora app, the numbers looked very promising so I headed out for a look. My first stop was Kangaroo Lake to check them out. The glow was faint and only visible to the camera… until it got stronger.
I headed north to Newport State Park in Ellison Bay for a quick stop at the very busy beach. I got a nice photo of the aurora that included the Milky Way over the trees. But I was hoping for a clearer view of the northern sky.  Newport, Door County’s only International Dark Sky Park, is a great place for viewing other celestial events such as meteor showers or general stargazing, but it’s not the greatest spot for watching northern lights.
So I headed to a north-facing shoreline near Gills Rock where the sky put on the best show of the evening.  The numbers began to get really good and the aurora began to go a bit crazy.  Pillars and pulses filled the horizon! At one point it looked like they would reach overhead but they settled back down again, unfortunately. Still, it was a very impressive show!
It’s always a special experience to have a night light this so close to home.
These are the first few photos that I was able to grab off the camera.
Newport State Park Dark Sky Northern Lights
Northern Lights in Door County
Northern Lights Over Door County Shoreline