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If you are a landscape photographer who is looking to step up your game, a mentoring session might be one of the best investments you can make.  I love sharing the knowledge I have gained as a professional photographer to help others become better photographers themselves.

Mentoring sessions are completely customized to your skill level, and what you are trying to accomplish with your photography.  I don’t have set lesson plans that are the same for everyone since there is no one size fits all approach to learning photography.  You are in your own place in your photography journey.  You might be a fresh beginner who wants to learn the basics, or maybe you are a more experienced photographer who wants to learn a new skill.  So wherever your skills are at the moment, we will find the right topics for your session.

Mentoring Sessions

With a mentoring session, either in person or virtual, we can go over just about any topic you would like to learn more about.  This is totally customizable to you, your current skill level, and your photography goals.  This is basically a time where I can be available for you to pick my brain about anything related to photography.  We can talk about my photos and how I got them, or better yet we can talk about your photos and how to improve them. 

There is no set lesson plan for this type of mentoring because it depends totally on what you want to learn.  Here are a few of the topics we might cover during a mentoring session:

  • How to achieve your goals
  • Post processing tricks
  • Business tips
  • How to print and sell prints
  • Camera and lens recommendations
  • etc.

On-Location Mentoring

Even better than a mentoring session is an on location mentoring session.  We could talk for hours or you could watch all the Youtube videos about photography, but you will never truly learn the craft until you actually go out there and do it.  This is where the on location mentoring session becomes so valuable because we can go over questions and techniques in a way where you will get live feedback as we shoot.

During an on location session, we will head out to a few Door County locations to shoot.  We will spend a few hours shooting the landscape before heading back to my studio to review what we shot, post process, and critique your photos.

Here are some of the topics commonly covered during an on-location mentoring session:

  • How to find compositions.
  • How to approach a new location to find photos.
  • What lens to choose.
  • Proper exposure
  • Focusing Techniques
  • Specific skills – long exposures, manual focusing, etc.


Typical Schedule for On Location Mentoring

We will meet for sunrise, shoot for a few hours, and then head back to my studio to check out the photos.  On location mentoring sessions always take place at sunrise so we have time afterwards to review our images.

Hour 1 – Meet 1 hour before sunrise to shoot during blue hour and twilight.

Hour 2 – Shoot sunrise and golden hour.

Hour 3 – Finish up shooting and head to the studio for image review.

Hour 4 – Post processing and critiquing.

Photo Guiding

Photo guiding is a lot like the on-location mentoring session, but this is geared towards photographers who are more advanced.  The goals of a guided session is centered less around instruction, and more about showing you around and getting you in the right locations at the right times for awesome photos.  I will of course, offer location tips and things like that.

During guided sessions, I will shoot along with you, but my aim isn’t to focus on my photos.  It’s all about getting you in the right position to get portfolio quality images.

The typical schedule for a guided session is based 100% on being out in the field.  Unlike the mentoring session, a guided tour can take place in the morning or evening for sunrise or sunset.


Typical Sunrise Tour Schedule

Hour 1 – Meet 1 hour before sunrise for twilight and blue hour photos

Hour 2 – Sunrise

Hour 3 – Photographing Door County locations

Hour 4 – Photographing Door County locations


Typical Sunset Tour Schedule

Hour 1 – Meet 3 hour before sunset.

Hour 2 – Photographing Door County locations

Hour 3 – Photographing Sunset

Hour 4 – Photograph twilight and blue hour after sunset

Mentorship Pricing

Mentorship Session – Virtual or In Person

1 hour – $125

Additional Hours – $75

On Location Mentorship


4 Hours

1 Photographer

Additional Photographers – $75 per person

Guiding Session / Photo Tour

$349 for up to two people.

4 Hours

Additional Photographers – $50 per person