Door County is a wonderful place for photography.  We are lucky to be on a peninsula that gives us wonderful opportunities for sunrise and sunset photography.  From lighthouses, to curvy roads, to rocky beaches, interesting scenery is everywhere.  

I know the county very well and know where to go for great photography and I would love to show you around.  I can show you my favorite spots for a sunrise shoot, a sunset shoot, or both!  I’ll also be happy to give you photo instruction and tips along the way. 

A guided photo tour is great for 1-2-1 guiding/instruction or for groups as well.  


During the Tour

During the tour, I will take you to some of my favorite locations for classic Door County photos.  Along the way, I’ll give you tips on your camera settings, composition, how to read light, and more.  I’ll also explain how to deal with common landscape photography challenges.


After the Tour

After the tour and you’ve had time to look through your images, you can send me some of your best/favorites from the day and I will critique them for you. I’ll tell you things you did well, and mention a few things you might want to work on.

My hope is that you will not only leave with great new photos from some of Door County’s best photo locations, but you’ll have a few new bits of knowledge as well.


Sunset or Sunrise Tours Available

The tour/workshop can be held at either sunset or sunrise and are 4 hours in length.  Sunrise shoots begin 1 hour before sunrise so we will have the best opportunities for good light.  Sunset tours begin 3 hours before sunset and go to one hour after sunset.  Both sunrise and sunset tours will get nice golden hour light and blue hour light as well.


All Skill Levels

These tours are great for any skill level.  If you are a beginner, I will not only take you to my favorite spots, I will also give you instruction on how to use your camera and how to get great photos from it.  For more intermediate photographers, I’ll answer your questions and give light tips.  If you are advanced and are just looking for some local knowledge, I’ll just show you around and offer general location tips.


Recommended Equipment

At a minimum, you should have a camera with manual operation.  For landscape photography, we need to take our camera off automatic mode.  I can teach you how.

You will also need a tripod.  Sunset and sunrise photography often takes place in low light so you need to keep your camera still as we shoot. 

That’s all you really need for great landscape shots.  Optional accessories would include lens filters and a remote shutter release or intervalometer.


More Information on Door County Photography Workshops / Tours

If you would like to set up a Door County photography tour, send me an e-mail or fill out the form below.  let me know the date you would like to set up the shoot.


$299 for up to 2 people

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