Job Description

I am looking for a few part-time photography assistants to help me during photography sessions and weddings during the 2020 season.  I’ll need someone to help me carry gear and assist with lighting equipment and modifiers during weddings and photo sessions.

This is a flexible job.  There are no set hours and the days and hours of work will vary depending on my bookings during the season.  Photo sessions usually range from 1-2 hours per session.  Wedding day hours will range from 8-10 hours.  You can still work your normal summer job and take assisting jobs as they fit with your schedule.

This is a great opportunity for a student interested in photography to gain experience working on real photoshoots.  I will share tips and knowledge that you can use down the road as you begin your own career.


Job Location

Door County, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.  Most sessions take place in between Sturgeon Bay and Sister Bay.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Help primary photographer carry gear during session or event.
  • Assist with setting up and managing lighting equipment and modifiers.
  • Be an extra set of eyes during shoot – help me look out for stray hairs, wrinkled clothes, etc.
  • Help get children to look at the camera during family sessions.
  • Offer creative ideas during sessions.


Required Skills and Qualifications

No experience is necessary. I can teach you what you’ll need to know, but the knowing the following can be helpful.

  • Experience with photography and familiarity with photography techniques – It is helpful to understand the exposure triangle, effects of shutter speed, aperture, depth of field.
  • Basic knowledge of lighting – Much of this can be taught to you but you should understand basic lighting techniques
  • Able to be active for long periods of time such as at a wedding.
  • Able to lift 30 lbs. This is rare but some equipment might be heavy.
  • Must be able to provide your own transportation to photoshoots.
  • Due to COVID-19, masks may be required while working on a photoshoot.



Schedule will vary widely depending on the number of sessions and wedding booked during the season. Most of my sessions occur during Door County’s tourist season from June through October.  Most sessions take place in the afternoons between 4pm and sunset.  Each session will be between 1-2 hours of work.

This position is for the 2020 season only that runs through approximately the end of October 2020.


Hourly Rate

$18 /hour


How to Apply For The Photography Assistant Job

Fill out the form below to be considered for the photography assistant job.  This form must be filled out for consideration for an interview.