You might have questions regarding what you should wear for your photography session.  I put together this list of clothing tips that might help you make decisions on what to wear.

These are mostly just guidelines to help your decision making process.  The only hard rule I would highly recommend is that you avoid busy patterns and logos.  Some pattern is OK but really busy patterns won’t look very good to the camera.


Clothing Tips

  • Try to coordinate your outfits.  You will want to complement each other’s outfits so you look great as a group and no one person stands out.
  • Don’t match outfits.  Gone are the days where everyone in the family wears the exact same outfit.
  • Choose 2-3 colors for your group portrait, ones with similar tones that go nicely together and have everyone work within that color palette. For example: dark green, navy, and burgundy – all dark jewel tones.  OR tan, a lighter olive green, and denims – all lighter, softer tones.
  • Try to avoid too much solid green or red if you can.  Since we will be outside in Door County in the summer, I wouldn’t want you to blend in with the background.
  • Avoid clothing with busy patterns and writing/large logos.  We want see all of your faces and no one person stands out. If you wear stripes or flowers, you will stand out from the rest of your group.
  • Choose similar tones for your top and bottom (both dark or both light) so that one doesn’t look bigger than the other.
  • Avoid all white or all black clothing.

Hair, Face, and Makeup Tips

  • If you like a clean shave look, try to shave right before arriving to your session
  • Same with makeup, try to apply right before arriving to your session.
  • If you need a hair cut for your session, try to schedule that about a week before the session date.

Glasses – Watch for glare!

  • Your glasses, will show glare from ambient light and my flash.  If you wear glasses, either buy or borrow a pair of suitable frames without lenses to prevent glare and reflections from the glass. Or you can ask your optician to remove the lenses from your frames for the photo session.
  • If you wear self-tinting glasses, please consider bringing another pair or removing them during the session.  There is no amount of editing that can fix your eyes if your glasses tint.

Accessories Tips

  • Keep jewelry simple and minimalistic because too much draws attention from your face.


These clothing tips and suggestions are nothing more than guidelines.  Pick clothing and a style that fits your personality.  If that means going against anything above, so be it!  These are YOUR pictures and I want your personality to show through.