Door County has some great locations where you can take some great senior photos for your yearbook.  I love photographing senior sessions in Door County because the peninsula is literally covered with beautiful scenery and interesting places.   If you are looking for some ideas, I’ve come up with a few of my favorite Door County senior photos locations.

This list is just a few suggestions, of course!  I would love to hear your ideas about how we can make your senior session unique to you.  At the bottom of the page there is a contact form where you can share your own ideas.

Anderson Dock

Anderson Dock in Ephraim is a classic location for your Door County senior photos.  The old red warehouse, which is now the Hardy Gallery, makes for a great backdrop.  The graffiti where everyone writes their names gives your photos a lot of color and life.

In addition to the red building, this location is right on the water so you can get some great sunset photos too!  I do a lot of photos sessions here and it’s one of my favorite places in all of Door County.

Don’t forget to bring your own paint!  How cool would it be to get a photo or two of you writing your own name on the walls?!

Cave Point County Park

Cave Point County Park is location north of Sturgeon Bay and just south of Jacksonport.  It’s one of my favorite places for photo sessions including senior photos!  This park is one of the most scenic places in Door County.  There’s cliffs and points that go out in to Lake Michigan, there’s plenty of forest and trees, and trails.  There’s even a rocky beach where we can get some really awesome shots!

One of my favorite photos to get here is right next to the cliff with Lake Michigan in the background.

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The Beach

Door County is a peninsula on the shore of Lake Michigan, that means there’s a lot of beaches where we can get some cool senior photos.

There are plenty of beaches to choose from too.  I know of plenty of sandy or rocky beaches along both Lake Michigan and the bay of Green Bay.  From Sturgeon Bay to Gills Rock, we will find the perfect beach for your senior session!

The Waterfront

This goes along with beaches I mentioned above.  We have other waterfront areas that are great for senior sessions that are not beaches.  Marinas, piers, and docks make for great settings for your yearbook photos too!

Your School

Why not incorporate some of your school activities in your senior photos?!  Are you on one of your high school sports teams?  We can set up a shoot on the field where you play!

Many schools will happily allow us to take some photos on the school grounds.  Photos like this are great to look back on to remember all the fun times you had while on the team.


Door County has 11 lighthouses all along the shoreline from Sturgeon Bay to Rock Island.  They make awesome backdrops for some of your photos!

My favorite it the North Pierhead lighthouse in Sturgeon Bay, but they are all unique and awesome in their own way.  Do you have a favorite Door County lighthouse where you would like some photos taken?

Downtown Sturgeon Bay

We may not have any large cities in Door County, but if you would like more of an urban look to your photos, then we could get some great urban photos in Downtown Sturgeon Bay.  The alleyways and historic brick building would be really good settings for this style of photo.

Where Would You Like To Take Your Door County Senior Photos?

I have lots of ideas of really cool locations where you can get some awesome senior yearbook photos.  Are you looking for a photographer to take your photos?  I would love to hear your ideas for your unique senior session!  Fill out the form below for more info about your very own Door County senior photos session.