Senior sessions are a lot of fun and a big part of your senior experience!  They are tons of fun as we explore beautiful places and look for photos.

I wanted to make things super easy and laid back for you as you prepare for your session.  So I created this list of tips to remember as you plan for your senior photos session.



Choose Outfits You Love – and bring extra changes!

When deciding on your outfits, choose clothing that makes you feel good!  If that’s a sun dress and a hat, great!  If it’s blue jeans and a t-shirt, awesome!  Wear what fits your style!  It really is that simple!

We usually have time for 2-3 outfits during a senior session.  However, bring a few extras.  Sometimes a certain outfit or color will look great at a location and we may not know that until we are there.  So if you have a few extra/backup outfits, it gives you options to get the best look!



Hair and Makeup

Having you hair and makeup done before your session is a great way feel your best during a photo shoot!  Plus, a good base will even out your skin tones and reduce glare on your skin.  Which means more keepers!

For guys, try to avoid a haircut within 2 days of a session.  The best time for a fresh cut is about 3-5 days before your photoshoot.

For girls, an appointment to get your hair and makeup done on the day of your shoot is a great way to pamper yourself before your session!  While professional makeup artists know all the ins and outs of applying makeup for a photoshoot, you can certainly do this yourself too!  I just have two tips to remember when doing your makeup.  The first is to remember not to overdo it.  We want to be able to capture your natural beaut.  Also try to avoid blush or makeups with glitter or shine and always use makeups with a matte finish.  It might be a good idea to practice your makeup a few days before your session too!


senior session hair and makeup


Don’t Worry About Blemishes!

Blemishes on your skin such as pimples, acne, etc. are nothing to worry about!  While I don’t go crazy with photoshop to photos, I can take care of those types of thing after the session when I edit your photos.  



Sunburn and Tanlines

When you have your session coming up, please be sure to take care when out in the sun.  A summer tan is going to look great in your photos!  But tan lines and sunburn will show up in your photos so if you avoid that kind of thing will increase the amount of keepers you get!


high school senior photos


Watch Out For Glare from Glasses 

If you wear glasses, please know that reflections will be a problem so we should take care to avoid that.  There are a limited number of things we can do to avoid glare, but here are a few things you can to do help too!  If your glasses have anti-glare lenses, then we are pretty much set and won’t have too much to worry about. 

If you wear contacts, maybe consider wearing those for your session. 

A second pair of frames would be great too, if you have one.  You can remove the lenses to prevent glare and reflections from the glass. Or you can ask your optician to remove the lenses from your frames for the photo session.

If you wear self-tinting glasses, please consider bringing another pair or removing them during the session. There is no amount of editing that can fix your eyes if your glasses tint.



Add a personal touch to your photos.

If you want to do something unique and totally you during your session, that’s great!  Props are a great way to do just that!

If you like books, bring books.  If you are in sports, bring a jersey or letter jacket.  If you like skateboarding, bring a skateboard.  You get the idea.  The opportunities are literally endless to make great photographs by highlighting your interests!



Prepare a “Mood Board” for Inspiration

One great and super easy to get photos you love is to go online and find photos that fit the look and style that you want for your own photos.  This can be certain poses, locations, outfits, styles, etc.  You can find them on Pinterest, Instagram, Google, Tik Tok, or wherever!

Then you can e-mail them to me at and we will use them for inspiration before and during your session!



Practice Posing (Optional)

Posing can be a stressful word for some people.  But it really isn’t a big deal.  I will help you with everything you need to know to look your best in photos.

If you want a confidence boost before the session though, I’ve had past seniors tell me they practiced before their session.  They would practice their posing in the mirror to get used to it.  That includes practicing your smile too! 


Remember to have fun!

I have a pretty casual approach to my senior sessions.  They are just a fun way to explore an area, highlight your interests, and make some amazing photos along the way!

fun yearbook photos