2020 is coming to a close and I am sure that your with me when I say, “good riddance!”  This was a year of difficulty and disappointment.  There’s not really much else to say that hasn’t been said by everyone throughout the year so I’ll just get in to my post.

I had a surprisingly productive 2020.  Not so much for my landscape photography, but I stayed extremely busy providing photography services such as weddings, engagement sessions, senior sessions, and family sessions. Since I was so busy doing other types of photography, I didn’t really get to put much time furthering myself in this genre.  However, I did manage to get some photos that I am very happy with.  I even noticed a slight shift in my style of photography.  I’m not sure if anyone else noticed what I am talking about but I am excited to explore down that path as we go in to 2021.

Another disappointment, (albeit quite minor when compared to so many others’), we did not get to go on the trips we had planned.  We had an epic year and even some bookings to Washington, Oregon, Florida, and Colorado that we had to cancel, which was a bummer because I was excited to begin showing the world to my one year old.  But we did manage a few local vacations around Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula.  That was kind of nice because sometimes it’s so easy to dream of visiting far away places and forget there are some great places to see within a few hours from home.

The clear highlight of my year in photography came in July when rumors of a visible comet started to circulate around social media.  A couple photos started to pop up too.  Ever since I started photographing seriously I had dreams of another Hale-Bopp type of comet that would make for some really cool photos.  So one night, just to see, I got up at 2:30am and ventured down to the lakeshore to see what I could see, if anything.  I looked north and sure enough, a clearly visible tail rose from the horizon.  I set up for a picture and it was even brighter in the picture!  That began about two weeks of nightly ventures around Door County as the comet only got brighter and brighter.  I gave up a lot of sleep to catch those images but it was worth it every night.  As I write this in late-December 2020 I still have photos that I need to sort through.  While it wasn’t quite the Hale-Bopp event of 1997, it was stunning nonetheless.

That brings me to my annual favorite photos of the year post.  I have narrowed down all my photos of the year down to my top 10 favorites.  As always it is very difficult to cut it down to 10, so I may have included some extras at the end of the post.  🙂

These are in the order of date taken.  It was difficult enough to cut the list to 10, there is no way I can also rank them! haha


Ice Sunburst

Taken at Cave Point County Park in January.  Cave Point always get a great layer of ice that covers everything near the water, but it seemed like the ice coating this year was extra magnificent.  I got many photos but this one is probably my favorite.

Sunset by Big Creek

Sunset after one of those great winter storms that leave the area in a wonderful blanket of fluffy snow.  I took my camera for a walk through the Crossroads at Big Creek that is near my house.  It’s a beautiful nature preserve that I wish I spent more time photographing.

Winter Layup

In February, there was a day with some great light before sunset that was falling perfectly on Bay Shipbuilding.  So I sent my drone up for some photos of these three freighters docked for repairs and upgrades.

Morning Glory

drone photo of Sturgeon Bay Lighthouse

This is one of my favorite drone photos that I have taken.  And also one of my favorites from the Sturgeon Bay North Pierhead Lighthouse.  I begin that moring in April shooting with my Sony from the south pier.  I got some nice enough photos but nothing that made this list and nothing too unique from what i have captured there in the past.   Afterwards I sent the dron up from the parking lot just as the light got really, really good!  And the clouds were looking great too!

Bridge Reflection

I love reflections, and I love this view of the Michigan Street Bridge.  Put them together and I got a photo that I am extremely happy with!


If I had to pick a favorite of 2020, this one might be it.  I found this tree on the shore of Lake Michigan using my drone as a scout.  I immediately knew I had to be here for a sunrise so the next day I made sure I was there.  I just love the beautiful colors of the sunrise along with the simplicity of the composition.

Cana Sunrise

It has been a long time since I shot at Cana Island.  Mostly because the high water levels we’ve been experiencing the past couple of years have made travel to the island very difficult.  So the easiest way I knew to get there was remotely! I send the drone up one sunrise in June and grabbed a couple nice images.  This one is a close favorite of the bunch.  Another one of my favorites is the June feature in my 2021 calendar.

Comet Neowise

The biggest worldwide photography event happened in July when the comet C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) ventured past our planet.  Photographers all over spent about two weeks forgoing sleep to photograph this comet and I was one of them.  I included a slideshow of my favorite photos from this event because it was such a cool thing that there is no way I would only put one in this post.

Ephraim View

The clouds were putting on a show in Ephraim one night in August.  I headed up to this lesser photographed view of Eagle Harbor.  I’ve tried to shoot this spot before but haven’t found any compositions that I liked.  Then I saw this one that worked for me, especially with some well timed car trails heading down the road.

Milky Way Setting

It has been a few years since I have shot the night sky.  I think that Neowise reawoken my love for night photography.  So later in August, after the comet left us, I headed out for some night photos of the Milky Way during the new moon.  I lucked out here as it was cloudy most of the night but cleared up right as the Milky Way was setting behind the trees of Cave Point County Park.

Honorable Mentions!

I just couldn’t leave out the following photos.  They may not have made my Top 10 list above, but I really like these photos too so I had to include them as well.  🙂