Before the winter of 2018-2019, I decided to purchase a brand new pair of gloves to wear while out taking photos during the cold months.  Photography gloves are more unique than other gloves because we have certain needs that have to be directly addressed by a glove manufacturer.  The most obvious need is our ability to push the sometimes small button and dials on our cameras as we set up our composition and set exposure.  We also need to be able to use our touchscreen functions that make our lives so much easier.  I decided to purchase a pair of the very highly rated Vallerret Photography Gloves.  In particular, I purchased the Markhof Pro 2.0.

(As I update this post in 2022, there’s a version 3 of these photography gloves out now.  I don’t own the version 3, but if I were purchasing a pair today I definitely would go with the new version)

These gloves have rave reviews all over the internet and at first glance, I could see why.  They are easily the most well-made photography gloves I have owned.  Here are my thoughts on these gloves.  As always, this is completely un-sponsored.  I’m just giving my experience using the gloves.


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Overall Quality

First thing’s first.  The overall quality of these gloves is top notch.  The materials seem to be very good and the stitching is great.  Even the zippers are made of the water-resistant design popular with higher-end rain jackets and outdoor packs.



The first thing that stood out to me was the grip on the fingers of the photography gloves.  It was very “sticky”, similarly to a wide receiver’s glove in American football, and definitely will give you a nice hold on your camera.  Your camera definitely won’t get dropped because it slips out of your gloves.

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Finger Tips

Gloves like these Vallerrets will give you all the control you need while keeping the rest of your hands nice and warm.  These gloves allow for easy access to your camera’s controls by allowing you to flip the tips to expose your fingers.  It’s much easier to flip switches and push buttons without bulky gloves in your way.  These gloves also give you better control over the shutter button.  I know when I photographed bald eagles the other weekend I wouldn’t have been able to half-press the shutter for autofocus tracking.  I would have fully pressed the shutter button many times because I wouldn’t have been able to feel the shutter button with bulky gloves. 



Memory Card Pocket

There is a little pocket on the backs of these photography gloves that are advertised as a pocket for your memory card.  I personally wouldn’t use this pocket for that.  I wish they had made it a little larger to fit a small hand warmer and feel like that would have been more useful.



A Useful Surprise

This pocket does have a surprisingly useful surprise hidden inside.  There is a little tool that you can use as a screwdriver for your tripod plates.  I usually keep a coin in my camera bag for this purpose.  Have one built into the glove is a really thoughtful inclusion.


Warmth Rating

According to Vallerret’s products description, the Markhof Pro 2.0 photography gloves are designed for “Mid-Winter” aka three out of 5 snowflakes.  I when purchasing the gloves I had no idea what that meant.  I think a temperature rating would have been easier because mid-winter for us who live in cold climates could be deep-winter for someone from a warmer state.  

After using these gloves in temperatures in from about 35° F / 2° C all the way to -20° F / -29° C, I can say that these gloves work well to about 15° F / -9° C.  When I was out photographing during the polar vortex of 2019 in temperatures below  15° F / -9° C, I wished that I had a warmer glove. 

Good thing they make a more or less identical glove called the Tinden.  This glove is rated, according to the Vallerret website, as “Deep Winter” or four out of five snowflakes.  I personally own the previous version of the Tinden, called Ipsoot, and I can say that this glove is really good for temperatures down to about 0° F / -19° C.


Vallerret Photography Gloves Conclusion

I would highly recommend these gloves.  They are definitely the most well-made photography gloves I have used.  However, if I were to make the purchase over again I would go right for the warmer Ipsoot gloves.