2019 was a big year for me personally. This was the year my wife and I welcomed our first child in to our family. Our daughter has been an amazing addition to our lives and we couldn’t be happier as parents. Because being a parent is extremely busy and tiring work, I only accepted a handful of weddings this year. But I was able to work with some AWESOME couples and photograph their beautiful weddings and come away with some photos that I love!

Here are 10 of my favorite wedding photos from this year, they are listed here in no particular order.

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I love the first look! The moment a groom sees his bride for the first time, whether it’s before the ceremony or during, is a special moment to capture. This is the first time Jimmy saw his bride on their wedding day.

This was one of the most fun father-daughter dances that I have seen at a wedding. When dad walked up for his dance, the classic slow dance song never played. Instead, we had a polka! This is Wisconsin after all! So Annie and her dad circled the dance floor doing the polka. What fun!

door county sunset wedding

This “sunset” photo was taken in the middle of the day! Carol and Tom had their small wedding at their vacation rental on the shores of the bay of Green Bay. My time with them was only during the day and they were a little bummed that they couldn’t get a sunset photo. So I created a sunset using lighting and in-camera techniques. The resulting photos is a midday sunset portrait!

No this group is not flipping you the bird! Have you ever seen that classic photo of Johnny Cash flipping the camera the bird during a concert? That photo is the inspiration here. This group of fans recreated their own version of that photo in the Johnny Cash suite at the Liberty Lodge in Sister Bay, Wisconsin.

After shooting a great small wedding at the beautiful Liberty Lodge in Sister Bay, this happy couple and I headed up to Gills Rock for some portraits. We shot by the water a little bit and of course we had to go to the famous Winding Road for some portraits!

wisconsin dells wedding

The veil drop! It’s a classic photo because it’s so much fun!

This photo was a blast to make! During this Wisconsin Dells wedding in August we stopped the boat at a slot canyon for some photos. The light was pretty much gone by the time we arrived to I had to get creative. I lit the couple with a standard softbox and placed another light behind them around the corner with a red gel. The gel threw some light up the canyon walls giving them some awesome color. And Rae and Charles having some fun and goofing around made this photo awesome!

This photo was from a riverboat reception during an August wedding in Wisconsin Dells. This was a really fun wedding to shoot! The ceremony took place in a secluded canyon and the reception was on a Dell Boat Tour. The party cruised up and down the Wisconsin River.

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This photo was totally the bride’s idea! A couple weeks before the wedding Hailey asked me if it was possible to do a shot like this for her and Triston’s wedding. I was totally up for it! Luckily we had some awesome bridesmaids and groomsmen and some very good luck with traffic to make this shot happen! 🙂

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The first dance is one of those really special moments of the wedding day. I would say that it’s my favorite part of any wedding day to capture. This photo from Hailey and Triston’s first dance captured lots of emotion from the couple and from their wedding party who circled the dance floor to witness this amazing moment.

This is kind of a bonus photo. This year I was able to photograph a wedding from the church I grew up going to. As a kid, my family attended Corpus Christi Catholic Parish and I even went to Corpus Christi school (now St. John Bosco)! So it was really cool to capture a wedding at the church I basically grew up in.

My Favorite Wedding Photos of 2019

2019 was another great year where I was able to meet some really awesome people and capture the memories of one of their biggest days of their lives. I was lucky to be able to photograph these great events and I can’t wait to see what 2020 will bring!