wedding ring closeup

This is one of my favorite types of photos to deliver during a wedding.  The engagement rings and wedding bands were chosen by you for a reason.  Because they are gorgeous!  I’ve seen a LOT of wedding and engagement rings and I love seeing all of them!  (In another life I would could have been a jeweler, if I had that kind of talent 🙂 )  The details of the bands, and the cut of the diamonds are why you chose them.  So I make a close up of the rings a pretty much required photo for every wedding that I do.

Sometimes I will use the flowers of your boquet as a setting for the rings, which gives the photos a colorful background.  Other times I will aim for a reflection if I have a glass table or mirror nearby that I can use.  Whatever the setting for the rings, I use a specialized lens that will allow me to capture all the beautiful detail in the rings.