If I could use just one lens for weddings, this the the lens I would use.  The 24-70mm lens is hands down the most useful lens in a wedding photographers bag.  It’s the swiss army knife of lenses!  I have loved this lens even before I began shooting weddings.  I would take this along with me on my landscape photography shoots all the time and most of the time, this lens was the only one I would shoot with for an entire trip.  Over the years, I have switched camera brands a few times as I shot with Nikon, Fujifilm, and now Sony cameras.  Whenever I would switch to a new brand, the very first lens I would purchase is the 24-70mm lens.

favorite lens for wedding photography, 24-70mm


What makes this lens such a great lens for a fast paced day like your wedding is the very useful range of focal lengths.  24mm is a great focal length for wide shots that include an entire scene that includes the surroundings.  



It also zooms in to get in really close for closeup portraits.


Here are some times throughout a wedding day when I love having this lens in my toolkit.



I love being able to work in small spaces during prep and not having to worry about missing the shot.  With the 24-70, I never have the wrong lens!



The ceremony is the most important part of the day, obviously, and I am not going to miss a shot because I’m changing lenses.  With the 24-70mm mounted on my camera, I can capture the entire story of a ceremony without missing a beat.  I’ll zoom out to 24mm to capture shots of the entire venue.


And then I can zoom way in to get closer to the action.



The reception is another part of the day when things are happening fast.  The 24-70mm lens allows me to get shots of the first dances;


And also shots of the party!


No need to change lenses all the time!



The 24-70 lens is also a great choice for portraits!  This lens will get a great variety of portraits without making you wait while I change lenses. 



One Lens to Rule Them All

Having said all the great things about this lens, it is not the only lens I use during a wedding day.  I have a bag of useful lenses available to me in order to get the shots I need to tell the story of a wedding day.  However, if I could only use one lens during a wedding day, this would the the lens I would choose.  It’s the best versatile lens you can get with it’s really sharp photos and extremely useful focal range.  With one lens, you can capture an entire day and get a great variety of photos.