Having a wedding photography shotlist of photos to give to your photographer will be very helpful to make sure you get those specific memories captured.  Be sure to give this list to your photographer at least a few days before your wedding day to make sure they can think about the list and how to incorporate it in to their photography plan and schedule for the day.

This list does not need to include basic things such as first kiss, wedding party, family photos with parents, first dance, and things like that.  Your photographer already knows to capture all those moments.  The list you should be focusing on are things that are super unique to you and your wedding day.

Here are some examples of things that could go on your list.


Sample Wedding Photography Shotlist

  • Closeup shot of earrings made by a relative.
  • Grandfather’s dog tags in your bouquet.
  • You and your fiance are doing a surprise dance during your first dance.
  • Bride arriving in father’s vintage Model T car.
  • Groom’s custom cocktail being served at the bar.
  • Keg tap of brother-in-law’s home made beer being served.
  • Photos of all the cousins together for the first time in years.


As you can see, the items on the list above are unique things that might be special to you and your wedding.


Portrait Ideas

It is also a good idea to share any of your couples photos ideas for your formal portrait session.   If your venue has a unique feature or scenic view that you especially enjoy it is not a bad idea to just mention that to your photographer.  A good example of this was from a wedding I recently shot at the Lodge at Leatham Smith in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  There is a marina across the street from the marina and the couple really wanted a shot of them at the marina at night.  So we made this image:



Another example was from a wedding I shot at Pioneer Creek Farm near Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  This venue has a large pond and a rowboat.  The couple wanted to take this rowboat out for some shots.



Finally, during a planning meeting with a recent bride, she mentioned a photo she saw on my Instagram page.  She asked if it were possible to get a similar photo.  I said, “of course!”  I am happy to recreate any of my photos for you too!

Here is the photo she saw from my Insta feed:


And here is what we created on her wedding day:



More than a list

In addition to a wedding photography shotlist, having a mood-board that has a collection of wedding photos you especially like.  This can be put together easily on Pinterest.  Just create a board and put a selection of wedding photos that you especially like on the board.   Or you can simply send me an e-mail with some photos you found online.  Of course, every photographer has their own style that they adhere to, but it is always helpful to know the type of wedding photos that you like.


Do You Have Ideas For Your Shotlist?

I would love to hear about your wedding photography ideas for your own wedding.  Feel free to send me an e-mail!