Here’s a quick wedding day tip that you might consider.  Have you thought about providing wedding reception flip flops for your guests?  Everyone loves to look their best when attending a wedding.  Unfortunately for our feet, that means uncomfortable shoes such as high heels.  These types of shoes look great, but by the end of the day after the ceremony, dinner, and the dance floor, feet are hurting so badly.

Thankfully, this problem has an easy solution.  In the past, guests would simply remove their shoes and go barefoot for the rest of the night.  That works fine but there is still no cushioning and then there is the risk of stepping on a stone or pebble that might be present at an outdoor reception.  More and more while working weddings, I am seeing wedding reception flip flops provided by the couple for their guests.  Usually there will be a large basket of some sort near the dance floor filled to the brim with flip flops.  By the end of the night, most of them are gone as your guests have ditched their heels and claimed their own pair in order to save their feet.  I even have overheard many comments about what a great idea that is.

Having wedding reception flip flops will allow your family and friends to dance the night away in comfort.  No more worrying about sore feet or stepping on anything that might hurt bare feet.

It’s not a problem only for women in heels.  I have seen men get rid of their hard, cushion-less dress shoes in favor of wedding reception flip flops too!

I did a quick Google search and found that even though they add some cost, they aren’t terribly expensive.  You can expect to spend around $2-3 per pair from a site like

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