Every spring, photographers all over will start to look forward to cherry blossoms in Door County.  I am one of them!  Cherry blossoms season in Door County is one of my favorite yearly events to take pictures of every spring.  One question that I get over and over again is “when will the cherry trees blossom?”  This is both an easy question to answer and an impossible question to answer.  It’s an easy question because it happens around the same time period every year.  It’s impossible to answer because most of the people who are asking want exact dates.  I can understand why, perhaps they want to book a hotel or plan a trip.  However, cherry blossoms are weather dependent so it totally depends on the type of spring we are having.


cherry blossoms and a sunset


When do cherry trees blossom in Door County?

Ok, so the simple answer is that the cherry blossoms will bloom sometime between mid-May and early June.  Most often they happen around the week of May 24-ish.  That’s just an estimate / rule of thumb, though.  I wouldn’t make any hotel reservations or any concrete plans based on that estimate.


How long do cherry blossoms last?

Once the cherry trees do bloom, you have to be ready.  They will remain in bloom for only about a week.  Again, that depends on the weather.  A storm or lots of rain will shorten the time the blossoms are out.


How can I know when the cherry blossoms are blooming in Door County?

The best way to know when the cherry blossoms are blooming is to simply go to the cherry orchards and look!  Obviously, that is difficult for those who live out of town.  That’s why Destination Door County created a page on their website all about Door County cherries.  Including a cherry blossom tracker.  This will be your best resource for following along with the progress of the cherries.  When they bloom, Destination Door County will let you know.

Door County Cherries Tracker


When they are blooming, how do I find the cherry blossoms?

Cherry blossoms are super easy to find.  You can check the Cherries Tracker link above and Destination Door County will have a list of places you can go.  But all you really have to do is drive on Highway 42 and go north.  Cherry orchards will be visible from the road from Sturgeon Bay all the way to Ellison Bay.  It’s actually really beautiful on some stretched of the road when you can look out and just see a sea of white cherry blossoms!

Please keep in mind that the cherry orchards are private property.  So be sure to respect the land owners and make sure they allow visitors to their orchard.  


aerial view of cherry blossoms in door county


Have fun photographing Door County cherry blossoms!

I have a blast every year that I head out to photograph the cherry orchards.  It’s so beautiful to see a sea of white flowers lining Highway 42 from Sturgeon Bay all the way to Ellison Bay.  Once they are in bloom, you have about a week or so to get your shots before the petals start to fall.  So get out there and have fun!


cherry blossoms in the sunlight