I spent last weekend with my wife’s family in Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin for some fun and camping.  Early one morning, Sally and I were the first ones up.  It was before sunrise so we figured we would go get some coffee at the gas station while we wait for everyone else to rise.  

We had our coffee and I had my camera so we headed to the lakeside park to enjoy sunrise and get some shots.  Lake Wazeecha is a beautiful lake.  Every morning and every evening the lake seems to go completely still with perfectly calm water which perfectly mirrors everything from the sky to the surrounding shore.  This makes the lake absolutely beautiful.  For all it’s beauty, I have found this lake to be a challenging place to get photos I really like.  


Wildfire Smoke

On this morning, August 19, 2018, we had another perfectly calm sunrise with an added quality.  Wildfire smoke from the western United States and Canada is showing up over Wisconsin.  It’s pretty crazy to think that smoke from so far away can make it’s way all the way to the upper Midwest.  Yet the proof is right there.  Over the past couple of weeks our sunsets and sunrises all over Wisconsin have been very beautiful.  This is because of all the smoke and haze in the sky from the fires.


This smoke makes for beautiful mornings and evening.  However, it makes me pretty sad to know that fires causing this have been so destructive and deadly. 🙁


Hazy Sunrise over Lake Wazeecha, Wisconsin

This smoke combined with a slight fog on the surface of the lake.  This made for a stunning sunrise and a photo of Lake Wazeecha that I am pleased with.

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Sunrise over a very calm Lake Wazeecha in central Wisconsin. Haze from wildfires in Canada and the Western United States have intensified our sunrises and sunsets in recent weeks.