A Message From Door County Communities

As we expect every year, the winter fleet will soon be making their way in to Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin for their winter layup at bay Shipbuilding.

Here is the winter fleet schedule for winter 2019-2020!  Big shoutout to Fincantieri Bay Ship members of the Facebook Groups “Fans of Know Your Ships” and “Bay Shipbuilding Fan Photos and Information Page” for releasing this info every year!


Sturgeon Bay Winter Fleet Schedule

Dates are subject to change of course.

Ship Name Expected Arrival Date
Joseph L Block 12/22/19
Wilfred Sykes 12/16/19
Edgar B Speer 12/14/19
John G Munson 01/15/20
Roger Blough 01/15/20
James R Barker 01/10/20
Mesabi Miner 01/10/20
American Integrity 12/24/19
H Lee White 12/28/19
American Mariner 01/01/20
Thunder Bay 01/15/20


How to photograph the winter fleet

If you would like to know where some good viewpoints are for photographing the winter fleet, check out my blog post on the subject.  How to Photograph Freighters in Sturgeon Bay


The Walter J McCarthy Jr arrives in the Port of Sturgeon Bay to join the winter fleet at Bay Shipbuilding.


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The freighter Mesabi Miner makes her way past the Sturgeon Bay North Pierhead Lighthouse at sunrise.